Call for Papers

We are now inviting abstract submissions on topics related to cinema from a Lacanian psychoanalytic perspective, for our very first issue to be released in the spring/early summer of 2022. We are interested in showcasing both those established in the field of psychoanalysis and related ones as well as new and upcoming voices.

Deadline for Proposals and Articles

Send abstracts by December 1 2021 to
Authors will be notified of the outcome in early January and full drafts will be due in March 2022.

Proposal Abstract

Maximum length: 300 words

Third-person biography: 50-150 words


Word length: 1500-3000 words

Possible topics:

Film and the real
Film and the symbolic
Film and the imaginary
Fantasy and cinema
Analysis of a film
Film and neurosis
Film and psychosis
Perversion in cinema
Dreams and cinema
Film and subjectivity
Cinema and the phallus
The implications of a director in his oeuvre
The gaze in cinema
The appeal of the theme of apocalypse
Film and sexuality
Film and technology
The depiction of authority in movies
The uncanny in movies
The enjoyment of watching movies